Professor Donald Sassoon

Emeritus Professor of Comparative European History

I was born in Cairo and educated in Paris, Milan, London and the USA. I obtained degrees from UCL and Penn State, and my PhD from Birkbeck under Eric Hobsbawm’s supervision. I taught at Queen Mary/ Westfield College all my life but also lectured at universities throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, and spoken at conferences in over forty countries.


I am the author of over 100 articles. My books, which include One Hundred Years of Socialism, Mona Lisa, and The Culture of the Europeans, have been translated into 15 languages.  I am currently working on global capitalism c.1880 to 1914

Postgraduate supervision 



Publications since 2008:

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  • ‘Abandoning the Welfare State. The Unbearable Heaviness of Being European’ in Beijing Cultural Review April 2012, pp.88-96
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Various prizes in UK, Italy and South Korea.  Curator of History Festival in Genoa.

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