Welcome to the School of History at QMUL

Welcome to the School of History at Queen Mary, London’s only campus university. We are one of the largest, friendliest and most distinguished history departments in the country.

Whether you are looking to study history as an undergraduate, a postgraduate or to find out about our staff and their research we hope you will find what you are looking for here.

— Professor Colin Jones CBE, Head of School.


Upcoming events

June 2016

Thursday 30th to Sunday 3rd

July 2016

Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th
Room 126, Geography Building, QMUL

September 2016


Professor Richard Bourke on BBC Radio 4

Thursday June 30th

Professor Richard Bourke joined Melvyn Bragg and guests On BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time. Prof Bourke and the panel discussed the history of the idea of Sovereignty, the authority of a state to govern itself and the relationship between the sovereign and the people. 

Dr Robert Saunders on the EU Referendum

Tuesday June 28th

Dr Robert Saunders joined experts from the QMUL Schools of Law, Politics and Economics for a Mile End Institute press briefing on the implications of Britain's referendum vote. The open session is available on YouTube

Professor Peter Hennessy interviewed for BBC News on the EU Referendum

Monday June 27th

Professor Peter Hennessy looks back at British history to evaluate the significance of the referendum result in an article for BBC News