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Welcome to the School of History at Queen Mary, London’s only campus university. We are one of the largest, friendliest and most distinguished history departments in the country.

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Professor Julian Jackson, Head of School.

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June 2017

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September 2017


Professor Richard Bourke discusses Sovereignty in historical context

Monday June 19th

In a new video talk recorded for the Serious Science series, Professor Richard Bourke discusses political community, the history of political philosophy, and the modern struggle over the location of sovereignty, putting discussions about state power and the EU in historical context.


Professor Colin Jones writes for The Times

Wednesday June 7th

Professor Colin Jones writes for The Times on how technology is changing how we present ourselves. Professor Jones said smiling had become clichéd, and we were more likely to adopt the kind of frosty glare associated with public figures such as Anna Wintour, editor of US Vogue: “The world of the selfie, the wonder of narcissism, the selfie-stick and the way that seems to make the smile absolutely everywhere. It is the way in which we establish our authenticity in the world.”

Professor Miri Rubin presents the Wiles Lectures

Thursday May 25th

Professor Miri Rubin presented this year’s Wiles Lectures at Queens University Belfast. Prof Rubin discussed: Strangers into Neighbours? How Medieval Cities Dealt with their Diversity.