Dr Tristram Hunt

Senior Lecturer in Modern British History

Location Arts Two 2.10

Email: t.hunt@qmul.ac.uk

I came to teach British history at Queen Mary in 2001, after a doctorate in Victorian civic pride at the University of Cambridge and an Exchange Fellowship at the University of Chicago. 

I have combined my time at QMUL with work on TV programmes, radio series, journalism and book publications.  I am currently the MP for Stoke on Trent Central


I am an intellectual and cultural historian, with a particular focus on the urban past.  My initial work looked at the ideological development of Victorian civic pride – and its aesthetic and architectural representation. 

A focus on the history of Manchester led me to my next major project, a life of Friedrich Engels and his place within 19th century British thought.  I continue to research the history of Marxism whilst pursuing new studies in the field of colonial cities.  My latest book explores the history of the British Empire through its manifestation in the urban form, across both colonies and Great Britain. 

  • 19th century Marxism
  • Victorian civic pride
  • Ideology of Empire and its urban manifestation


Membership of professional associations or societies 

Appearances in the media

I have worked extensively in print, radio and TV media.  Most of my newspaper work has been for The Guardian and Observer, although is now mainly focused on The Stoke-on-Trent Sentinel

The following lists my major programmes and series: