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Periods of history

We cover a huge range of history from the Medieval period onwards. We offer you a huge variety in the modules you can choose throughout your degree.

Our teaching strengths can be grouped in four periods:

  • Medieval history
  • Early modern history
  • Modern and contemporary history
  • Thematic history

Medieval History

We offer a unique range of modules on the history and culture of Britain, Europe and Islam during the Middle Ages, taught by a team of scholars of international reputation.

We offer a broad perspective on the medieval world of Europe and the Middle East, with a particular emphasis on medieval religious cultures, the place of women and minorities in medieval society, and the history of the Crusades.

For us, the history of the Middle Ages is not only a history of kings and battles, but also of religion and culture, of daily life activities such as cooking and time-keeping, as well as of creatures of the medieval imagination.

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Early Modern History

We cover the period from the Reformation in Europe to the French and American Revolutions. We offer particular expertise in British and European History, but all our teaching is cast in a global context: religious missionary activity, the slave trade, colonial conquest, trade, exploration and international commerce.

 Our teaching introduces you to some momentous events and processes, such as the Reformation and the English Civil War.  You will also study the experiences of people in the past through the study of their ideas about politics, their books, their families and homes, and their spiritual aspirations.

As well as the expertise of our academics, you will gain much from our London location.  You will use sources from Hampton Court to the Wallace Collection, from the British Museum to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Our teaching of this exciting period lays the foundation for future study of modern British, European and global history.

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Modern and Contemporary History

We are an excellent choice if you have an interest in the making of the world we live in today. Our academics have expertise in modern British, European, American, Indian and African history. We also have expertise in the international relations, political ideas and social and cultural trends that have shaped and defined the contemporary era. 

Modern and contemporary history will show you how to analyse the difficulties of how we research and write the very recent past. You will look at this in terms both of the distinct and problematic sources available, and of the ethical responsibilities of writing about those who are still alive.

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Thematic History

A number of our historians have expertise in themes that span historical epochs.  Their modules will give you an insight into the development of these themes across different historical periods, cultures and societies.

You will be able to analyse the effects these had in different eras, as well as how they affect the world today.

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