Outstanding Potential Award

The Outstanding Potential Award (OPA) is an unconditional offer of a place at Queen Mary, made to a group of exceptional students each year.

OPAs are awarded to two types of candidate: students who have already achieved outstanding results in their school career; and students whom we believe have the potential to flourish in a challenging university environment. If you have achieved consistently excellent grades throughout your time at school, or if you believe that you could perform to a much higher level at university, you could be a candidate for one of these awards.

There is no special application procedure for the OPA. All candidates for our degrees in History, Medieval History, and Modern and Contemporary History are eligible. We cannot, at this stage, offer OPAs to candidates for joint degrees.

Students are nominated for an OPA by our assessors, after receiving their conditional offer. Nominees will then be invited to attend an interview at Queen Mary, for the chance to convert their conditional offer to an OPA. Students who are offered an OPA will then have two months in which to accept it, by selecting Queen Mary as their "Firm" choice on UCAS. Students who decide to decline the offer will of course retain their original conditional offer.

If you would like more information about the OPA, please contact history-admissions@qmul.ac.uk. We are always happy to answer any questions you or your teachers might have about the scheme.