Ms Emma Jones

Research Assistant: History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group

Location Arts Research Centre, Room G1


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 5743

My research for the History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group is concerned with modern biomedical history. I am co-editor for publications of our Witness Seminar events amongst other research and public engagement activities.
Previously, I worked as a researcher in architectural and environmental history; and have written a popular history book about London’s drinking water: Parched City (Zero Books, 2013).


Currently my research is focused on clinical genetics, for two publications of the History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group which will appear late in 2013. I have a strong interest in environmental toxicology, a subject that one of our Witness Seminar’s previously covered and its intersection with the environment, public health and regulatory issues.

All of our Group’s Strategic Award themes open up fascinating spheres of knowledge. Our dialogue is with those at the coalface of radical changes in neuroscience; medical technology; ethics; global health and infectious diseases.

Disseminating our research to a broad public is also a challenge that interests me greatly.