Dr James Ellison

Reader in International History

Location ArtsTwo 4.07

Email: j.r.v.ellison@qmul.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8357

Since joining QMUL in 1997, I have specialised in the history of international affairs, focusing on alliance politics, conflict and diplomacy after 1945.

I have commented on Britain’s international relations for BBC radio and television, LBC Radio and RTS Switzerland, and for the Times and the Wall Street Journal. I have written articles for BBC Knowledge magazine and History Today.


I concentrate on the history of Britain’s relationships with Europe and the United States after 1945 and, more widely, on the history of the Cold War and European integration. I have written two books. The first, Threatening Europe: Britain and the Creation of the European Community, 1955-58, asked why the British did not join the European Economic Community at its inception. The second, The United States, Britain and the Transatlantic Crisis: Rising to the Gaullist Challenge, 1963-1968, examined how the Americans and the British defended Atlantic partnership, European security and unity in 1960s Cold War Europe. I am now moving on to the post-Cold War era to write about the Anglo-American relationship and the Iraq War.

  • Post-1945 international history
  • Modern and contemporary American and British foreign policies
  • Anglo-American relations
  • Britain and European unity

Current PhD Students

  • Lindsay Aqui – An exceptional case: Britain and the European Community, from entry to referendum, 1 January 1973 - 6 June 1975
  • Alun Evans – Private Office since 1945

Undergraduate teaching

Postgraduate teaching

Postgraduate supervision 

I welcome applications from candidates wishing to undertake doctoral research in the following areas:

  • International history
  • American foreign policy
  • British foreign policy
  • Anglo-American relations
  • Britain and Europe
  • The Cold War
  • European unity



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