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The results of the Research Excellence Framework 2014 were published on December 18th 2014, and the School of History's research environment has been judged as fourth best - and coequal with Cambridge - in the UK.

We welcome enquiries from potential applicants for the Leverhulme Trust's Early Career Fellowship scheme. Further information is under 'Applying for a Postdoctoral Fellowship'. 

The School of History at Queen Mary University of London, has an international reputation for outstanding scholarship.

Our expertise ranges from the medieval to the contemporary, including African, American, Asian, British and European history.

We practice well-established and innovative forms of historical research as individual scholars and in research groups. Whilst the work of our historians and doctoral researchers crosses many historical borders, it is carried out under three major research themes: Society, Culture and Belief; Emotions, Medicine and Science; and Political Ideas and Practice.

You can find out more about the research culture of the School, its research groups and research centres and research partnerships and collaborations on these pages.

Research expertise

Historians and researchers at Queen Mary, University of London, research in the medieval, renaissance, early modern, modern and contemporary periods.

We are particularly well known for our strengths in cultural, intellectual and political history.

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Research groups

Our historians research and write about the past from the early medieval to the contemporary eras. They pursue their research both independently and in collaboration with well-established and highly reputed research groups.

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Research Culture

We are home to a thriving research culture, which engages staff, students and the public.

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Research Strategy

Our aim is to develop and maintain a sustainable research environment 

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Research Centres

We have world-leading research centres in the History of Political Thought and the History of the Emotions. We are also home to highly prominent research groups in Medieval and Renaissance History, the Eighteenth Century, Modern Jewish Studies, and the study of Islam and the West.

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Research projects, partnerships and collaborations

Academics and researchers from the School of History at Queen Mary, University of London, are involved in a range of exciting research projects. Our research receives prominent funding from Research Councils UK and academic charities.

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Seminars and Research events

We are highly active in research events. We organise numerous lectures, seminars and conferences at Queen Mary and our staff are very prominent among the convenors of research seminars at the Institute of Historical Research, London.

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Public Engagement and Research Impact

Our historians are committed to communicating the impact of their research to policy makers and to the public through TV, radio, museums and the media.

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Postdoctoral award holders

We have a diverse community of postdoctoral fellows who contribute to our dynamic research environment

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