An Isolated Culture of Terror? Symposium and film screening.

Hitchcock Cinema, Arts One Building, QMUL
Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 6:00pm

To celebrate the first documentary devoted to the study of Canadian cult and exploitation cinema, Queen Mary University of London presents a special symposium devoted to a critical reassessment of the nation’s exploitation film traditions. In the documentary Tax Shelter Terrors, filmmakers and scholars come together to discuss the hidden history of Canadian cult film. When the Canadian government launched the ‘tax shelter’ scheme in 1974, it was supposed to herald a new ‘golden age’ of national cinema. The products of the scheme – ShiversRabid,My Bloody ValentineProm Night – would be instrumental in defining a new genre: ‘Canuxploitation’. Join us for the untold story of the Tax Shelter Terrors...

Tax Shelter Terrors received its worldwide theatrical premiere in Toronto in October 2016 before being given the Director’s Choice award at Sydney’s Night of Horror festival in December 2016.

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