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We have a vibrant academic and student body who are often featured in the press. Many of our academics contribute to national and international radio and television shows.

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September 2017

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Dr Robert Henderson's new book : Vladimir Burtsev and the Struggle for a Free Russia

Friday July 14th

Dr Robert Henderson has written a new book, Vladimir Burtsev and the Struggle for a Free Russia. Dr Henderson analyses Burtsev’s struggle against the Tsarist regime in the latter half of the 19th century, and traces his opposition to Bolshevism following the revolution in 1917. Burtsev’s life is set in the context of Russian and European history, and Dr Henderson uses Burtsev as a means to explore topics such as European police collaboration, prison systems, diplomatic relations, and Russia’s relationship with Europe. Extensive original archival research and previously untranslated Russian source material is incorporated throughout the text.

Dr Erik Mathisen writes for the Conversation

Thursday June 29th

Dr Erik Mathisen writes for The Conversation about President Trump’s demand for loyalty from employees and its effects.

Dr Reuben Loffman interviewed on South African radio

Wednesday June 28th

Dr Reuben Loffman was interviewed by Power FM Radio about the DRC and the unstable politics in the country

Professor Richard Bourke discusses Sovereignty in historical context

Monday June 19th

In a new video talk recorded for the Serious Science series, Professor Richard Bourke discusses political community, the history of political philosophy, and the modern struggle over the location of sovereignty, putting discussions about state power and the EU in historical context.

Professor Colin Jones writes for The Times

Wednesday June 7th

Professor Colin Jones writes for The Times on how technology is changing how we present ourselves. Professor Jones said smiling had become clichéd, and we were more likely to adopt the kind of frosty glare associated with public figures such as Anna Wintour, editor of US Vogue: “The world of the selfie, the wonder of narcissism, the selfie-stick and the way that seems to make the smile absolutely everywhere. It is the way in which we establish our authenticity in the world.”

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