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We have a vibrant academic and student body who are often featured in the press. Many of our academics contribute to national and international radio and television shows.

Upcoming events

October 2014

Tuesday 7th Great Hall, The People's Palace, QMUL

November 2014

Wednesday 12th Barts Pathology Museum, St Bartholomews Hospital

Latest news

Professor Amanda Vickery BBC show released for schools

Tuesday September 16th

Professor Amanda Vickery's ground breaking show, 'The Story of Women of Art', has been edited for use in secondary schools as part of BBC 2's Learning Zone. The aim of the films is to inspire children's learning, iluminate concepts and ideas which are hard to grasp from a text book; challenge them to think differently about the world; or simply to help make learning exciting and relevant. 'The Britain that Women Made' covers the ideas and concepts from Professor Vickery's original show. 

Dr Harun Yilmaz writes for the BBC

Tuesday September 16th

In his third article on how World War 1 influenced ordinary lives in Azerbaijan, Dr. Harun Yilmaz discusses an ordinary man and his house in extraordinary times. Asmus’ Leo de Boer was a captain from the Baltic region of the Russian Empire and his family was originally from the Netherlands. Before the Great War, he moved to Baku and became a successful businessman during the oil boom. He passed away unexpectedly but his mansion became an epicentre of events in the following decades. When the British occupation forces arrived in Baku in 1918, the general major leading this force turned the mansion into his headquarters. Following the British forces, the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan, during its short existence in 1918-1920, was located in the same building. Finally, when the Bolsheviks arrived in Baku, the building became the house of the first secretary of the local Communist Party. During the Great Terror under Stalin (1937-38), tens of thousands of execution orders were issued here. The chief of the Stalin’s political police in Azerbaijan, and after 1933 the head of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan enjoyed the mansion as his home for twenty years. In 1951, the mansion of the Dutch captain became the Museum of Fine Arts and it still holds a rich collection.

Professor Amanda Vickery presents in Sweden

Friday September 12th

Professor Amanda Vickery gave the keynote lecture at an international conference in Sigtunastiftelsen, Sweden, funded by the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, The Swedish Foundation for the Humanities and Social sciences. Prof Vickery's lecture was on 'The Moral Resistance of Fashion: Sartorial Conformity and Nonconformity in Late Eighteenth-Century England' on 21–23 August 2014.

Professor Colin Jones in BBC History Magazine

Friday September 12th

Professor Colin Jones writes for BBC History magazine which explains how smiling in the face of imminent execution in 18th century France became a “symbol of resistance to the Reign of Terror”. Professor Jones discussed how the smile became “a shared emblem among those who experienced political victimhood, a hidden sign by which the powerless could symbolically cock a snook at the powerful”.

Professor Tilli Tansey presents at the British Science Festival

Friday September 5th

Professor Tilli Tansey will be taking part in the 'Health, Lies & Video Tape' public health film screenings in Birmingham on 8th September. This is an Academy of Medical Sciences event as part of the British Science Festival. Follow #health2040 on Twitter for updates.

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