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We have a vibrant academic and student body who are often featured in the press. Many of our academics contribute to national and international radio and television shows.

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New Wellcome Witness Seminar on Bovine TB

Thursday October 8th

A Witness Seminar looking at the history of bovine TB from the mid-1960s to c.2000, chaired by Professor Wyn Grant and introduced by Professor Keir Waddington, with contibutions from veterinary scientists, biologists, members of conservation and animal welfare groups, and farmers. The discussion includes the first links between badgers and bovine TB in cattle; Government responses to the rise in bovine TB; ecological perspectives; the rise of public protest; and the problems of the various interest groups working together to find a solution.

Dr Mark Glancy on BBC Radio 4

Thursday October 1st

Dr Mark Glancy is the expert on the most recent episode of Great Lives on BBC Radio Four. Dr Glancy speaks with the presenter Matthew Parris and his guest, singer and actress Toyah Willcox, about the great life of Hollywood legend Katharine Hepburn. 

Professor Richard Bourke's book reviewed in the Financial Times

Monday September 28th

Professor Richard Bourke’s new book Empire and Revolution: The Political Life of Edmund Burke chronicles the life of Edmund Burke (1730-97), a leading philosopher and statesman of the eighteenth century. In the Financial Times, the book was reviewed by Gavin Jacobson, who described it as “the finest of intellectual portraits”. “Bourke’s superb book…has a double relevance. It brings the intricacies of Burke’s mind into sharper relief than previous accounts, demonstrating that he cannot be situated within comfortingly simple categories of left and right, revolutionary and counter-revolutionary, liberal or conservative. And at a time of soaring disenchantment with politicians, it is a reminder of why we value intellectual independence.”

Professor Miri Rubin presents at the British Library

Friday September 25th

Professor Miri Rubin took part in a round table discussion at the British Library. Digital Conversations looked at how we read in a digital age. 

Dr Mark Honigsbaum's research in the AP

Wednesday September 23rd

An Associated Press investigation has found that a string of avoidable errors badly undermined the work of international aid workers during the 2014 Ebola epidemic. Dr Mark Honigsbaum, who is writing an oral history of the outbreak, said Kenema was one of two key places in Sierra Leone where the spread of Ebola might have been averted, Yahoo news reports.  

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