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We have a vibrant academic and student body who are often featured in the press. Many of our academics contribute to national and international radio and television shows.

Upcoming events

September 2014

Monday 1st Fogg Lecture Theatre, GE Fogg Building, QMUL
Monday 8th to Tuesday 9th Arts Two Building, QMUL

November 2014

Wednesday 12th Barts Pathology Museum, St Bartholomews Hospital

Latest news

Dr Harun Yilmaz writes for the BBC

Wednesday August 20th

Dr Harun Yilmaz writes a series of articles which explains how World War 1 influenced Azerbaijan. Dr Yilmaz explains how the deteriorating conditions of the Great War and the two consecutive revolutions in Russia in 1917 forced the first school for Muslim girls with secular and modern curriculum in the Muslim world to close its doors in Spring 1918. Ironically, the same conditions of the war and revolutions gave birth to the first republic and the first multi-party parliament of a predominantly Muslim and Turkic population in 1918.

Professor Amanda Vickery presents Voices from the Old Bailey for BBC Radio 4

Thursday August 14th

Professor Amanda Vickery presents a new series of the critically acclaimed social history programme Voices from the Old Bailey on BBC Radio 4. The series uses accounts of dramatic court cases and the voices of ordinary people to explore 18th-century social history. 

Dr Mara Oliva on BBC Radio 4

Wednesday August 13th

Dr Mara Oliva appears on the Four Thought series on BBC Radio 4, Dr Oliva discusses the influence of US public opinion on the making of their nation's foreign policy.

Dr Harun Yilmaz on Arise News

Monday August 11th

Dr Harun Yilmaz took part in a live Q&A session on Arise News on the conflict in Ukraine, following reports that pro-Russian separatists opened fire on unarmed Ukranian soldiers as they crossed back into Ukraine from Russia. Dr Yilmaz explains that many people see a better life in Russia, and that a separatist movement, if it has external support, local support, and an ideology, can continue for years. 

Dr Harun Yilmaz writes for the BBC

Wednesday August 6th

Dr Harun Yilmaz writes a series of articles which explains how World War 1 influenced Azerbaijan, and how the locals felt the shock waves of the war which was triggered thousands of miles away. This article gives a view of Baku and the oil boom that the town experienced a century ago as the biggest oil producing country in 1900, the intellectual and cultural life around this economic development, daily life, and finally how the World War had an impact.

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